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Congrats to tacoyogurt for winning a color  Alternative Commission!

Congrats to socialitestateofmind for winning a colored Alternative Commission! 

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Asker theicequ33n Asks:
You don't have anything with a female Gemini! D': can you draw something with a female gem and male cancer? Pretty please?<3
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I do some things coming up for Gemini. As for your request you will have to either do an alternative request or a commission.

For Serix. I hope you enjoy it, Sorry if it’s too corny or I forgot to add something.  I will try to have it colored as soon as i can. 

Edit: I had to fix some grammar problems.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Author, did you finished the slender comic yet? I was waiting for it for almost a month...
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

I apologize, but at the moment you will have to be patient with me. 


And #2 which wouldn't fit on the other ask: 2. What is the Difference of Female Cancer and Male Cancer? Male cancers are more locked up and over protective since they care deeply about others but are unconscious of how they display them so it makes them seem really mood and cold. Female cancers are more sensitive and open with their feelings even though they too can have a hard time expressing themselves. They are also most likely to have more mood swings than their counterpart!
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

Congrats! You won a Colored Drawing!  You got all 5 right! I will work on your request as soon as I can. I’ll hopefully have it done with in the next 2 days.

Thanks for playing!

1 all natural flirts 2 winter 3 sorpio-mars and pluto capricorn-saturn 4 humorus, ambitions and patient 5 Fales
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

Congrats! You got all 5 right!, but Scorpio’s main planet is Pluto ( Yes I do still believe Pluto is still a planet). Congrats I’ll work on your commission as soon as I can.

Thanks for playing!

Umm.. Capricorn M and Scorpio F on a Date. Alternative request I think that how you do it
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:
  1. What do Scorpio’s have in common with Leo and Libra?
  2. What season does Capricorn represent the start of?
  3. What ruling planet(s) are Scorpio and Capricorn? (can be found outside the blog)
  4. True or False; Scorpio is usually associated with generosity? 
  5. What are three traits Capricorns are commonly known for?

All except #3 can be found inside the blog in the following tags; Scorpio and Capricorn

Asker tacoyogurt Asks:
1. Cancer and Pisces are both very sensitive and companionate. 2. Male cancer usually dresses like a twin with female cancer for Halloween! 3. Pisces best friends are both cancers, both Pisces, male Capricorn and female Taurus! 4. Both cancers always have their little crabs with them!! ( which are their skulls I think) 5. Capricorn and cancer appeared to take care of Pisces in the comic!
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

Congrats! You got all 5 right! I will work on your request as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!

Asker tacoyogurt Asks:
Ok I get it now. So can make an alternative request? M Cancer and F Pisces cuddling?
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:
  1. What are two common traits Cancer and Pisces share?
  2. What is Male Cancer usually dressed as for Halloween?
  3. Who does Female Pisces consider to be their best friends?
  4. What are Both Cancer’s always carrying with them? 
  5. Which Two signs were assigned to take care of Pisces? (comic)

All answers can be found in the blog  in the following tags; Cancer and Pisces

Good luck!

Can you do a m Cancer and a m Sagittarius relationship, alternative?
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:
  1. Name all the zodiac that are in both Cancer’s and Sagittarius’s elemental signs. (you can do this out of order)
  2. What is the Difference of Female Cancer and Male Cancer?
  3. What is the symbol Sagittarius is associated with? 
  4. What are Male Cancer’s favorite pastimes?
  5. What are three traits of a Sagittarius?

Opps posted that too soon. All answers can be found in the following tags; Cancer, Sagittarius 

Good luck!

Okay  everyone it’s going to take me a while to get to your alternative request and questions so please be patient with me. And just to for warn I will be increasing questions to 10 depending on how many more I get.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why is it you never do anything for Gemini?
chibizodiacs chibizodiacs Said:

I do have stuff for Gemini, but most of it is not publish or in the works. part of it is because I extremely rarely I get any questions for Gemini (this doesn’t include request, which is also extremely rare). And in almost all the favorite character contest I’ve done, there are never any votes for Gemini. That’s why it’s rare to see anything from Gemini. And trust me Gemini is not the only sign I have hardly anything for. Aquarius and Libra are also ones I don’t have much of, and those are all the Air signs.

Congratulations to aliibaabaa for winning a Line Art Alternative Commission! 

Featuring Female Aries and Female Pisces!