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Hi!! I was just wondering if my fan mail to you went through? And I realized right after i sent it that his shirt looks like the aquarius symbol!!! (ノ_<) I should've realized before I sent it! So sorry!! But i still hope you really like it!

I’m sorry, I never received a fan mail. I would really love to see it though! And thank you for letting me know!

Sorry! I don't mean to rush you! Thank you!(:

No your fine. I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.

Did my message go through?/.\

It did sorry I just forgot to reply back. I should have it done hopefully tonight if not by tomorrow afternoon. I just need to clean it up a little and then color.

I came here to answer the two questions.. Um. For the question with Fem Cap, her one and only is Male Taurus. For the Male Aquarius one, I searched everywhere for his name but nothing came out so I'm gonna say that you never game them real names? I hope the I got the first one right at least /.\

CONGRATS!! You got both answers right!!
Female Capricorn is always willing to jump into a relationship with Male Taurus.
And none of the signs have original names! I’ve asked before but everyone in the past have said to leave them as is.
My next question for you is what would you like me to draw? The compatibility chart or a colored drawing? It would also be helpful to tell me what you then then doing if you choose the colored drawing.
And thanks for playing!

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Here is a link for my time zone (MDT) to help you 

It’s almost 11:30pm where I am its still sunday, you have 18hrs so once it hits 6:30pm ,monday, your request will no longer be vaild

I wish you luck if you wish to do this, your are not forced to do this and can choose to do a comission instead.